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Data lines are composed of what?
2022-07-28      Views:7

General regular data line contains 3 parts, from the outside to the inside are: insulation, shielding network (layer), wire.

① Insulation

Data line feel a little hard or a little soft, in fact, refers to the feel of the insulation wrapped outside. There are many types of data cables on the market, but the insulation is made of three types of materials: PVC, TPE, nylon woven.

This is the most commonly used material, cheap, strength, flame retardant and other performance is also better. If a certain data cable insulation is hard to the touch, 80% of the PVC material.

②Shield mesh (layer)

The insulation of the data cable is peeled off, there is a layer of metal braid, which is the shielding network; there is a layer of metal shielding layer below, mostly filled with aluminum foil. What are they used for?

The history of physics there is a very famous "Faraday cage experiment": Faraday shut himself in a metal cage, outside the arm so thick lightning to him, it was all blocked by the metal cage, he was in the cage leisurely look at the scenery, not affected at all, this is the electromagnetic shielding phenomenon.

Similarly, the metal shielding network (layer) made of data lines, you can cover the external electromagnetic field, so that it does not affect the internal; also shield the magnetic field generated by the internal current of the data line, to avoid affecting other components outside.


The two most core functions of the data cable, one is charging, one is to transmit data.

Charging is the power cord, the thickest red line is the positive pole, the exposed thin line is the negative pole (while for ground), the general quality of the power cord will choose copper core, tinned copper, silver-plated copper core and other materials.

Data transmission line does not require load current, so it is relatively thin, as shown below the green line and white line, the same positive and negative poles respectively.

In addition, some support for high-current data lines will add two power lines and a number of additional ground lines. A data line basically contains these types of wires.
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