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  • Long lasting high capacity power bank


    Standard universal USB output port -Long lasting high capacity power bank

  • When to replace the car battery


    If the car battery has low power,it’ll become difficult to start the car engine. Such a car battery can’t supply enough power for lightning inside the car, moreover, it also can’t enable the auto lamp for enough lightning , which would bring about dangers when driving at night.

  • How to Select Power Banks?


    And cell phones, the use of lithium batteries mobile power there is no "memory effect", it is not necessary "for the first time using a continuous charge-discharge 12 hours." Of course, if the long idle again, at least once or completely reproducing necessary. Generally, the lithium battery charge cycle in about 500 times before the battery capacity will be less and less, so the power of a mobile phone are also roughly similar life.

  • How to Select Power Banks?


    Although power banks look similar, the inner is clearly different. Part of the decision just mentioned, in addition to cost control chip, naturally, the quality of the lithium battery itself.

  • Selecting Power Banks Safely


    The rapid development in science and technology in modern society, to meet the growing demand, the rapid popularization of smart phones, the relative stagnation of the popular one-piece design and battery technology, allowing mobile power has become an indispensable accessory. However, how the colors and shapes, battery capacity mobile power, how to select the best safety and security of style? Obviously, not all mobile power supplies are good, let's take a look at the choice of mobile power a few points.

  • Why Should Power Bank Being So Popular?


    With the popularity of large-screen smart phone, many people suffer from "battery anxiety", they not only need to move the power supply, but also more dependent on high-capacity mobile power, now where this small series with you to explore the importance of mobile power.

  • Mobile battery party


    During the Chinese traditional new year holiday, people usually get together for reunion.

  • Brand Power Banks


    Although lithium-polymer battery has many fine features, but we still recommend that consumers who try to buy brand power banks supply has a certain reputation, because under the current national standard batteries, especially for polymer battery has a strict grading system, A Power - New polymer battery, B - The stock more than three months or disassemble the battery, C - The used batteries. Well-known brand of power banks products usually adopt electricity, and some no-name might use the B or C electrical power. So Hiroyuki Austrian correspondent small B to remind consumers in the purchase of power banks, be sure to clarify the power of the batteries category, not freeloaders deceived.

  • How to Choose Power Banks


    When the wireless charging technology is not popular in the background, let's look at how to choose a high-quality mobile power.

  • Power Banks Introduction


    Smart phones and tablet computers and other digital electronic products become standard in most families, but also highlights the problem of insufficient battery life out of portable power came into being to meet the people's needs. Power banks market also will rapidly popular, all kinds of Power banks products have sprung. Faced with an array of products that we really distinguish their technical characteristics and design features it? I can only say that is not enough!